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“When I made my first account, it was suspended immediately. They kept sending me the same template and ignoring my appeals for a months! It seemed like they would never reinstate it… But then after several months of trying, I found this company that got things done in just two weeks!! Now everything is back to normal with no more problems. I have used their service several times now. Thank you Ben”

Rosina C

Camberwell, United Kingdom

Suspension type
No two cases are alike so we’re committed to providing personalized
solutions tailored around individual sellers

Section-3 related suspensions

Amazon can suspend you for any reason they feel like, according to the Business Solution Agreement.

High ODR (Order Defect Rate)

ODR suspension is a result of getting too many negative feedback or A-Z Claims

Inauthentic item suspension

This usually happens when customers complain that they received a counterfeit product

Intellectual property (IP) violation

The IP owner claims that you are using their intellectual property

Review manipulation

Amazon found that people were being incentivized to leave positive reviews on your listing


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We specialize in Amazon account reinstatement when sellers have been suspended mistakenly. Our team has the expertise and network of contacts to help sellers reinstated quickly. The experts who work with us are Amazon former performance reviews, making us easier to understand how the insider works.

Lawrence J

Our Expertise

What should you do?

If this is your first suspension, you need to know the Seller Performance Team is not a team you should mess with. They can decide if you get your Seller account back. Every unsuccessful appeal reduces the chance of getting back your account.

You’ll have to go through a reinstatement process that could take up to 60 days. Make sure you have a clear Plan of Action.

Should you write your POA (Plan of Action)? Is there any risk?

There are plenty of templates on the internet you can find. However, they can often look too similar. They will recognize a template as they go through hundreds of reviews each day.If you want the best chance of winning, make sure your POA is unique and not shared by others.

It would be better if you spent your time and energy wisely.

What we can help?

Our team of experts has the perfect solution for you.

Get back your account with our two-day turn-around service. We will help get your business back up and running in 24 hours for a fee $799.

We leverage the experience and expertise from former employees who used to work in Amazon, which means we know how to get you back selling quickly.

Why take more risk than necessary?

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Proven Method

Industry’s first choice, the top on its class.We use and promote best practices

Trusted by sellers

It’s our assurance to get back your Seller Account in as few as 24 hours.

100 % Unique Plan of Action

Unlike other companies, your Plan of Action is not shared by any other company.


How long does this process works?
We will review your case within 24 hours and have your account reactivated within one to five days. Depending on cases, time may vary.
Do you give money back guarantee?
You are entitled to a refund of 80% of the fee if your appeal is not unsuccessful after advanced escalation. Chat with us; we will let you know if we can help or not. We only help when we sure that we can win.
What document do I need? Is my info confidential?
Chat with us for a free evaluation; We will only need your information from this point forward. The information you provide to us is 100% protected and confidential. 
What is your pricing?
Our professional will handle everything so that you can have peace of mind. We take away all the stress and hassle for a small fee $799 while ensure highest success rate

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Your data is encrypted, protected and under your control. We do not share any information without your explicit consent.

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